Little Bobby's dead, the BBQ's on fire, Jen's eating poisonous berries and the birthday cake still needs icing. It's just another wonderful day out with the kids... Ready! Set! Parent!

Think of the Children is a frantic co-op parenting simulator for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Complete the tasks, keep the kids happy AND alive (if you can)!

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Featuring 1-4 player couch co-op, Twitch and Mixer integration for streamers, a wide range of levels, the ability to customise and save characters as families, level rankings (for those who love a challenge) and a myriad of customisation unlocks, Think of the Children is a fast-paced task management game with a colourful comedic twist.


  • Multi-tasking mayhem

    There's never a dull moment when you've got the BBQ to tend, tables to set, the kids are playing fetch with a rabid dog, and two of them just fell into the swimming pool.
  • Parenting is hard

    To get a good parenting grade and avoid jail time you'll need to get all your tasks done, keep the kids happy and--ideally--alive!
  • Nowhere is safe

    The local park, the beach, the supermarket, the zoo, a holiday away. Great places for a day out with the kids. That is, aside from the poisonous berries, ravenous seagulls, runaway trolleys and escaped gorillas.
  • All kinds of families welcome

    Single parent? Two mums? A mum, two dads and a horse in a long distance relationship? It's all good. Parent solo or co-operatively with up to four players locally.

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